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Born in Arlington Texas, I am a native and the definition of an intentional Texan!  Don't tread on me......... Come and take it .......... represent proudly the attitude of the Lone Star State!  Music has been and inspiration to me since my youth,  A song is like a picture, it takes you on a journey each time you hear it and places you back in that moment where you see, hear, and feel the heartbeat of life!

Live Life in Song

Theres something so peaceful about plowing a field, It hard to explain but I've never felt so connected.....Just you, the tractor and the hum of the diesel.....oh the smell of freshly plowed dirt.......nothing else quite like it!   Nothing to do but follow the rising sun as far as the eye can see, then turn around and chase her till she disappears below the horizon.....  Now thats a hard days work y'all!

Be Inspired By Everything

Simply waking up and taking your first conscience  breath  of the day!  Ahhh life is good!  If you want it, you have to go and get it!  Nothing comes to you on it's own and it Damn sure ain't free!


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